AMS IP Limited Registered address: Hamilton House, 25 High Street, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, WD3 1ET.  Company number 09842066, registered in England and Wales


Patent filing and prosecution

Drafting patent applications, preparing and filing British, European and International (PCT) patent applications, and corresponding applications around the world

Preparing and filing British design applications, advising on suitability of images for design filing

EPO Oppositions
Preparing and filing oppositions to third party granted patents, defending your patents from third party oppositions.

Freedom to operate
Searches and analysis concerning your product or idea against third party rights to minimise the risk of future disputes and/or to demonstrate a market gap exists for your idea.

Infringement analysis
Analysing third party products against your own IP rights to prevent your competitors from copying what you do.

AMS IP Limited   European Patent Attorney